My first job was a Greek tragedy, and ever since, one job just seemed to roll onto the next. I’ve been terribly lucky.

marvel: [has a black man walk in the background of the shot of the 6 white avengers]
marvel fandom: REPRESENTATION.
marvel fandom: DO YOU SEE THAT.
marvel fandom: DC, WHERE YOU AT.
marvel fandom: YOUR MOVE, DC.
marvel fandom: ON YOUR LEFT, DC.

Awesome ink works by Kim Jung Gi

I updated my Skype and I have 9999 new messages from Natasha and they date back to 23rd May??

Chemistry more like cheMYSTERY because i have no idea what’s going on


ppl are always like “no game is perfect you can’t please EVERYbody” but when was the last time you heard a motherfucker complain about portal


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